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Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive: BBC Scotland and the Labour Party

And the links just keep going. BBC and the Labour party

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bbc scotland tangled web

Welcome to The Family; the BBC Scotland family aka the Labour Party.

The Family resides in Glasgow and is presided over by Ken McQuarrie.Ken MacQuarrie’s Head of News at BBC Scotland is John, John Boothman. John is married to Susan, Susan is Susan Deacon. Susan is a former Labour MSP and Health Minister at Holyrood.

Ken’s Head of Online News is Tom, Tom Connor. Tom and John are said to have offered media training to Labour Party wannabe politicians. Tom’s department operates BBC Scotland blogs; infamous for their ban on public comments, unlike any other part of the UK.

Another Tom is Tom McCabe. Tom is a member of the Scottish Labour Party and used to be an MSP. Tom also used to be the partner of Lorraine, Lorraine Davidson. Lorraine’s career has swung between the Labour Party and the BBC. She used to be a spin-doctor – with the Labour Party or was it the BBC? Not too…

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“Even When I Was Gone”

“Even When I Was Gone”

The sadness of the most abused breed in the world.


My name was Snip Nua, I was a Greyhound, I was breed for one purpose and one purpose only, to run. To run in races, for humans, for their sport, pleasure and greed, I was just a commodity. I was not unhappy with my lot, it was all I had ever known, the kennels, the relentless training, the trap, the roar of the crowds and the race.

Now by chance, I was chosen by three men to take part in some game they had. I was suppose to show people what a great life I had being a race dog. They had the thing that takes moving pictures, they took pictures of everything I did. I was afraid, it was all new, I didn’t know these people, they didn’t care, I was there to run.

So I did, I ran in the races they put me in and then it…

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Westminster’s Psychological Warfare on Scotland

Psychological Warfare is here…..

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Scottish sovereignty is a creative act

Scottish sovereignty is a creative act

Scotland is Sovreign, We are Sovereign

Wee Ginger Dug

Who is sovereign in Scotland? According to Scottish tradition and to the Scottish Claim of Right that would be the Scottish people. The Westminster doctrine that sovereignty in the UK rests with the Crown in Parliament was famously ruled in 1953 by the Lord President of the Court of Session to have no standing in Scots law. Lord Cooper of Culross gave his legal opinion stating, “the principle of unlimited sovereignty of Parliament is a distinctively English principle and has no counterpart in Scottish constitutional law”.

Be that as it may, successive Westminster governments have a very different view. They uphold the doctrine of the absolute sovereignty of the Westminster parliament, and their absolute right to overrule the rights of the Scottish people. The only person in the whole of Scotland who is sovereign is Fluffy Mundell, and he does what the Tory Prime Minister tells him. You might think…

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We Need To Talk About: GERS (2015-16 Edition)

The Common Green

O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us. To see oursels as ithers see us! – To a Louse, Robert Burns

It’s that time again. The annual Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland report is out. Click the link or the image below to read it for yourself.

GERS 2015-16

Actually it seems like only March that the last edition was out. What’s happening here?

Well, there was a consultation that almost no-one knew about which discussed a few methodological changes to GERS in line with the ‘new powers’ we’re getting and it also asked if the next report should be brought forward. I’m completely convinced that the fact that this means that we’re getting the report well before the Council election campaign next year is absolutely just a convenient side effect(!)…but no matter. We’ve got the data.

Tomorrow’s Headline Today

Scotland’s budget deficit remains at a little under £15 billion. As with last year…

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A Scottish Thing.

Auld Acquaintance

Indyref 2 has begun.

With all the mayhem and media concentration on the blood letting In Westminster over the past week, and The Tories and Labour leadership ripping into each other after the Euro Ref result, in a manner resembling the worst excesses of the Roman Empire with Caesar getting stabbed in the back, only with multiple stabbings in this case. The ramifications of the result in Scotland has by and large, but not wholly, escaped the media attention. Oh sure, they have reported in an almost offhand sort of way Nicola Sturgeons visit to the European Parliament, before immediately cutting back to what has been going on at Westminster.
And Yes, they have had the odd mention of what this might mean to the relationship between Scotland and the rest of the UK, before as David Dimbley in his impatient and dismissive tones says “ That’s enough about Scotland”…

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Storm Sam

A touching tale that every dog owner will have known,


A long term friend and companion and I, parted company today. I am bereft, but it was at his own request and it was my duty to honor his final wish. It would have been selfish of me to make him sta…

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