“Even When I Was Gone”

17 Dec
“Even When I Was Gone”

The sadness of the most abused breed in the world.


My name was Snip Nua, I was a Greyhound, I was breed for one purpose and one purpose only, to run. To run in races, for humans, for their sport, pleasure and greed, I was just a commodity. I was not unhappy with my lot, it was all I had ever known, the kennels, the relentless training, the trap, the roar of the crowds and the race.

Now by chance, I was chosen by three men to take part in some game they had. I was suppose to show people what a great life I had being a race dog. They had the thing that takes moving pictures, they took pictures of everything I did. I was afraid, it was all new, I didn’t know these people, they didn’t care, I was there to run.

So I did, I ran in the races they put me in and then it…

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