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For more than 50 Years Successive Conservative & Labour Governments Have Resorted To Spying & Sabotage To Discredit The Scottish Independence Movement – Read It & Weep

The only way to bring an end to the exploitation of Scotland and her people is Independence and we must continue to fight for it.



1970: Discovery of Oil & Gas in the North Sea

Since oil was struck in the North Sea in 1970, it has fuelled dreams of Scottish independence. British waters were already clearly defined from Norwegian waters, and so was the oil and gas underneath. Scotland had legitimate claim to 90+ per cent of British North Sea oil and gas revenue.


1999: Scottish Parliament Established

By the mid 1970s, international convention had already agreed that the North Sea North of the 55th parallel was under Scottish jurisdiction. That meant around 90 per cent of the UK’s oil and gas reserves fell within Scottish waters. But such was the fear of the rise of Scottish nationalism that proving documentation remained secret under the governments of Callaghan, Thatcher, Major and Blair.


1999: The North Sea off Scotland’s East Coast up to Carnoustie stolen by Westminster

The North Sea on Scotland’s East Coast up…

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Labour : The hidden truth for Scotland

A wee Sovereign Scot


It would be wrong for anyone to say that Labour MP’s born in Scotland don’t love their country.  Just like the rest of us, that love is nurtured by our parents and underlined by the wonderful experiences of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste that Scotland has to offer.  It truly is a wonderful place.

It does have its less savoury parts as well and growing up here, we become only too aware that in those places and sections of the population there’s something deeply wrong which needs fixing. However, being handed the power of the people, the Labour candidate from Scotland, being duly elected, heads south to London with great plans to change those unsavoury parts for the better.  And why not?

That’s where their quest ends.  Our newly elected Labour MP from Scotland is part of an establishment party and that party looks after itself in Westminster.  The…

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Top Civil Servant – Sir Jeremy Heywood And David Cameron In Battle For Downing Street Supremacy



December 2014:  No, Prime Minister: Britain’s top civil servant in Sir Humphrey-style bid to sabotage PM’s crackdown on his growing empire

Britain’s most powerful civil service mandarin is trying to ‘sabotage’ an attempt by David Cameron to restrict his growing empire, it was claimed last night.

Sir Jeremy Heywood was accused of a Sir Humphrey-style attempt to ‘dodge’ new rules that the Prime Minister decides who gets top civil service jobs.


The row comes amid fears that the unelected official is now the most important person in the Cabinet after Mr Cameron and the Chancellor. Sir Jeremy, 52, has even been described by one ex-Tory aide as so powerful that he has the Prime Minister ‘by the balls’.

'Even you don't take that long to fix something.'

A former civil service aide to Tony Blair, said he was nicknamed ‘Sir Cover-up’ after preventing the Iraq War inquiry from seeing letters between Mr Blair and George W Bush in the…

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Image Of The Month: Angel

Researching Reform

This month’s header image for the Researching Reform blog has been kindly given to us by a group called The Real Victims Voice, and it is a picture of an angel. The group is dedicated to investigating bad practice within the police force and helping victims who have suffered as a result of that bad practice.

We would like to thank the Group for this month’s image, which we think is rather beautiful.


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