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Banjo in the Mist.

Has this ever happened to you… Just for a moment I forgot to shut the door behind me and WHOOSH, he was out and running furiously down the lane heading for the road….Banjo my lurcher boy. Me, clad in tartan pyjamas, torch in one hand, spare leash draped round my neck and Melody, my saluki x hound dancing like a ballerina on the end of the other leash I had hurriedly clipped onto her. Off we went into the mist…yes a sea mist had rolled in… and me swinging the torch this way and that hoping to catch a glimpse of the runaway while calling into the night ‘What a good boy Banjo…We will have some biscuits if you hurry up.’ all said with a cheery tone through clenched teeth as my pyjama legs were now wet and hitting my ankles. Suddenly FWOOM…..he appeared, tongue lolling with a look in his eye that said…come near me and I take off again….But thankfully Banjo had decided enough was enough. Light hearted doggy chats followed as we walked steadily back to the cottage….well as steady as I could with two wrestling cavorting hounds and at last back indoor…with doors securely closed…. Time for a cuppa, me thinks.
By: Maria Fawcett

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When night comes


His spirit sleeps in a quiet place,
where he knows that he can rest,
to lay beside his special friend,
a friend that is the best.

But should the girl awake,
and think it was a dream,
Fear not young Brooke, your boy was there,
though strange as it may seem.

He doesn’t mean to startle,
or send you into fright,
It’s the Love sweet Lennox has for you,
that visits in the night.

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